INSPIRATION is my little personal digital art portfolio. I have always been addicted to digital art and web design. I'm designing for almost 2 years now, so i can say i have come a long way. That was an amazing way, but obviously i have got even more to learn though. Whenever i have time i open my photosop and express myself. Art is always personal. Just keep going and never give up, thats the way! Hope one day my hobby will help me out in some way. I'm not claiming i want to find a career of a designer, but if my life make me change my mind that would be nice. The word INSPIRATION came to my mind wnen i found myself uninspired and bored lol. But i had some time for creating so i came up with the 1 version of INSPIRATION lately. The site is proudly hosted by the queen of digital art/design, [i truly think she is, i just adore her!] amazing Thia @ Digital Distortia!

Here is some general information about site:
Host: Thia @ Digital Distortia
Webmistress: Ksenya
Opened: November 03, 2005
Contact: here and here
Layout version: the 8
Layout featuring: its a vector for sure; the original vector may be found in my portfolio
Credits: suicide-stock, hgx
Smiles in the book: Márcia
Programs: Adobe Photoshop 8.0 CS & notepad

All graphics & HTML codes done by me and cannot be taken without my permission. So please be nice, respect my efforts and don't steal my graphics or codings!
© 2006 Ksenya @ INSPIRATION