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[News & Updates]

...February 18, 2010
Whoa! I'm back and alive in a 4 years or so :) I just need some time to make a new design for this site. I missed you all beautiful people so much...i missed making digital arts for myself only so so much. SO see ya here soon with a new layout! *hugs and kisses*

...July 28, 2006
A new update! I'm so happy to write something lol It's a small update though. I made a new vectorrr... I was making this one along with my "ņant_deny vector". So it took about sooo much and 518 layers. I started it on May 31. I spent over 4-5 hours only on hair. Hmm.. so here it is. My Ayumi Hamasaki and "My name is WOMEN" ;) I pretty much like the outcome, it could be better though. That's 800x600 version, i'll manage to put the original 1024x768 one on my next update. Yeah... i'm lazy like that, sorry. Oh, and the original picture was black and white so it kinda a colour experiment too.


Thank you all so much for your breath taking comments in the book! I already get back almost to everyone *wink* I'm really happy to hear from ya again and i'm so more than happy you like the new layout.. You bright my day a lot! I love and miss you all sooo much. *mwah*

...July 25, 2006
WHOA i'm back!!! I didnt update almost 3 month... and that's a lot, even for me lol I'm really sorry for that. I know i have nothing new to say again exept that i was so busy as i always do. That's my freaking life, let's face it.

There have so many things happend to me during these time of beeing off my site. I was so dissapointed, lost & found, again lost and so on... I realize my life story is really boring, so I'd better quit it here ;)

What is really important that your seeing the new layout right now!!! lol I like it. It's so summer-ish. Summer is fading so fast ya know. She's like a flower on a grass if you still didnt get it. ;) It took me the whole month to finish this vector but she was so pretty so i just can't leave it unfinished. It took me so much because i didnt work everyday, maybe for an hour or two 3-4 times a week lol. Oh, and it's not the full size vector. Your viewing 70% version. The original was too huge for the layout. Ok, so more info (+ credits) about layout in this section.

I called this version d.i.s.c.o.v.e.r.y. after the song by BoA. How original? But that's not it. This name mean a lot to me. I love this song so much, the theme which mean a lot. It's more than special. I cant write more about it, because it's personal.

I have new art to share! How nice is that? It's that project i've been doing for a month. I wrote about it on may. That was a present to my close friend, Liza. I did a vector of us (now you can finally see my ugly face. i'm in the green t-shirt). So as it was a present i wont post the full size, just 70% and a close up. Hmm, that was sad but it lost some quality after i printed it out. But when i finally gave it to her i was so happy she liked it. =D
You'll also find 2 other vectors below. One from my previous layout (look closer) and one from the current (it has a new theme - cant deny lol).

liza_vector look_closer cant_deny

K, that's all for today. The last but not the least... i miss you all so much!!! Just let ya know i read all the messages in the book and feel myself horrible because i cant answer. I wish i wont that busy... I promise to answer most of you today!!! I'm sending hugs & kisses to all of you, guys. *mwah*